Person with disability act 2016


Disability in India has been on a continuous rise and the section of society which is most adversely affected by this is the poor. For such people, mere survival is a challenge and they focus all their energies just to sustain themselves.

As per 2001 Census of India, the number of people with disabilities in India stood at 21 million. According to the 2011 Census of India, this figure rose by 22.4% to 26.80 million. As per the 2011 Census, 20.3% of people with disabilities in India have movement disabilities, 18.9% have hearing impairments, and 18.8% have visual impairments. The 2011 census additionally collected data on mental disability for the first time, and found that 5.6% of Indians with disabilities fall into that category.

It is very unfortunate to see that in today’s world, people with such disability face so much struggle. Even though such persons have been given legal protection under the Person’s with Disability Act, 2016, not many of us are aware of the scope of the Act. Though the primary focus remains on spreading awareness amongst the people effected by disability and the NGOs who support them, yet we as responsible citizens, must sensitize ourselves in this area in order to help them in dealing with an already difficulty life.

Keeping this in mind, we are sharing with you a broad scope of RIGHTS covered in the Person’s with Disability Act 2016:

  • Right to Equality & Non-discrimination
  • Right to Education & Employment:
  • Primary education- FREE for children in the age group 6-18 years
  • Higher Education – Reservation not less than 5%
  • Government jobs – Reservation not less than 4%
  • No termination if disability takes place during the course of employment
  • Right to Liberty
  • Right to Freedom of expression
  • Protection from abusive violence and exploitation

Note – The above list highlights the key points and is not exhaustive in nature


  • PUNISHMENT for violation of any provision of the said Act:-Imprisonment upto 6 months OR fine of INR 10,000/- or both
  • PUNISHMENT for sexual assault, imitating, insulting, exploiting a woman: – Imprisonment upto 6 months to 5 years and a fine


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