Giving back to the society is a responsibility that each one of us as citizens of this country must fulfill and that is what we at M.D. & Associates believe in. There are many out there who need help and we should consider ourselves lucky if we have the opportunity to positively impact the life of even one individual. As Mahatma Gandhi has said “To find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others”.

We try doing our bit and would like to share with you some of our experiences in this area.   


8th March 2020

We celebrated Woman’s Day with the young girls we met at an NGO run for visually impaired persons. Even though visually impaired, they are full of enthusiasm and zeal for life. It is very inspiring to see the skills they are getting trained for, one of them being early detection of Breast cancer. The rate at which this disease is spreading today needs such preventive measures and how absolutely fantastic it was to see these young girls working towards that.
There was chatting, dancing, singing, poetry and the boys did a special performance for the girls in the house! Have a look at the fun we had!

Spreading warmth with a blanket distribution drive

In the freezing winter nights of Delhi, when the luckier sections of society don their sweaters, monkey-caps and mufflers and tuck themselves into their blankets with a hot cup of tea (which they enjoy holding instead of drinking), there are few under-privileged who cannot afford even a blanket and die – without a roof or cloth on their bare bodies. Our heart reached out to such people and so we carried out a blanket distribution drive to give them a slight relief from the ice cold winter they have to bear up with.

Legal & Financial literacy

All have wings, all can fly, but the sky belongs to those who try.
In today’s times, it is very important for everyone to be legally & financially literate and awareness in this area is extremely limited in India. There are increasing cases of domestic issues and under such grave circumstances, it becomes very necessary for the aggrieved party to be aware of their legal rights. In addition to legal rights, safeguarding money earned is also of utmost importance
Keeping this in mind, we have conducted a legal & financial literacy course for the underprivileged in association with an NGO named Madhok Foundation..

Old Age Home – Mann ka Tilak

Wishes & blessings is an NGO based in New Delhi and they work on multiple projects for the underprivileged. One such project is Mann ka Tilak – an old age home for those who have unfortunately not been taken care of by their families. We spent some time with them, donated some food and it surely was very satisfying to see that smile on their faces when we sat and spoke to them about their lives. How much they yearn for company.

SPYM Bangla Sahib Shelter for children

We visited the children’s shelter near Gurudwara Bangla Sahib along with volunteers from a food distribution NGO named Feeding India. We distributed food and played games with the children and danced to their favorite songs! They were just so excited to have us over! It was a very pleasant experience.  

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