Every product or service needs a unique name that helps to identify and differentiate it from the rest in the market. A company invests considerable resources and invaluable time into this name – creating brand awareness through modest means of advertisements, building an enviable goodwill and impeccable trade reputation, and cultivating a favourable image – turning it into a valuable brand.

Due to its immense popularity, the brand (known as a TradeMark), will then tend to attract unsolicited attention when other companies begin to copy, imitate or use it without permission to exploit their revenue stream. It is therefore of utmost importance for a Trade Mark to be protected – and the best way to attain protection for the Trade Mark is by getting it registered. Registered TradeMarks, with their indefinite shelf-life and immense revenue generating power, are often considered the most valuable form of Intellectual Property a company can have.

M.D. & Associates has successfully helped its clients to attain, maintain and manage their TradeMark protection locally as well as internationally right from inception till the end.

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